Mushroom Soup

Being a Mushroom lover, I took my virtual name which had mushroom in it and so many of you have made me realized that so far I have never posted even a single recipe of mushrooms. Yeah I know how epic is that and more epic is when I eat mushrooms every week and it never made me write any recipe on my blog. I can’t promise but I will try my best to make it happen.

After eggs, mushroom is that one ingredient which is so versatile that you can make breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner possible with it in very short amount of time. So my first recipe using mushrooms is “Mushroom Soup” which is suitable for this season.

You can add any variety of mushrooms you want to this recipe. You can add dried mushrooms too, just make sure that you soak those in warm water for a while before adding. Also, for the first time I am writing an “Instant Pot Version” for this recipe. Since the pot is still in fashion, why not go with it!

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Chicken Liver Soup

The wonderful fall season comes with nature changes, mood changes and yeah health changes too. It brings beautiful colors to the nature but I guess those colors and flu season comes hand in hand. I am born and brought up in India, where winter season hits with the same sort of climate and health changes. Days are small in this season and all we want is to cover ourselves in blankets, have some warm food and enjoy the cozy time. But reality is not what we always keep dreaming! If a single person in family gets caught up with cough and cold, the virus is not going to spare anybody in the house. So as a measure of precaution, once this season started my mom used to make delicious soups almost everyday. It’s like one soup a day, keeps the doctor away 🙂

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