Fruit Cake

Our trip to Florida left my fruits to ripen. After returning home, the first thing I realized was that my home was filled by the sweet smell of over ripened fruits. Though it was a temporary fragrance, that day was not far when that fragrance would turn into rotten smell. So I had to take some measures to avoid that. Throwing them away in trash was absolutely not the one. Smoothies and milkshakes were definitely not good options.

And here again, the amateur baker within me came up with an idea. Read More

Choco Chip Cookies

“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.”

If you are an amateur baker, cookies are best to start with. Except for measurements there are no more skills required. The reason I chose “cookies” to start my blog with is because they are a daily snack. It’s not always like we eat because we are hungry. Sometimes we eat just because we feel like eating something or maybe we are bored or maybe we are sad or anything. A cookie is one of the best things to have in such situations.

This is my first experiment with cookies and I chose this recipe from the book “Baking – from my home to yours” by Dorie Greenspan. Read More